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The Stratford Ecoboiler Stove range has been developed with style and proformance in mind, the curved glass door and soft lines offers an attractive focal point in your living area. Regardless of whether you burn wood or solid fuels the high performance unique cross flow boiler system will heat water 50% faster than an average stove.


  • 50% more heat to water than a standard boiler
  • Compact, space saving design
  • ‘Easy Boost’ – air control
  • New faster-acting thermostat
  • Discretely positioned thermostatic control
  • Repositioned water sensor for easy maintenance
  • Lower fuel retainer bar for easier fuel loading
  • Large, curved glass
  • High velocity Airwash system for sparkling clean glass
  • Lightweight Flue Exhaust Diversion System
  • Includes ash pan & self-levelling rear legs
  • Top or rear flue fitting
  • British built

Available in sizes;

  • EB9HE, 9kW Boiler, 4.5kW Room, Free Standing, High Efficiency
  • EB12HE, 12kW Boiler, 7.75kW Room, Free Standing, High Efficiency
  • EB16HE, 16kW Boiler, 2.5-8kW Room, Free Standing, High Efficiency
  • EB20HE, 20kW Boiler, 3-10kW Room, Free Standing, High Efficiency
  • EB25HE, 25kW Boiler, 3.5-12kW Room, Free Standing, High Efficiency
  • EB9I, 9kW Boiler, 4kW Room, Inset, High Efficiency
  • EB12I, 12kW Boiler, 5kW Room, Inset, High Efficiency
  • EB16I, 16kW Boiler, 2.5-8kW Room, Inset, High Efficiency

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