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Fondital Aluminium Radiators. Aluminium radiators require far less energy to heat up. They are excellent thermal conductors, heating up very quickly, meaning they don’t have to be switched on a long time before affecting the temperature of a room. This avoids wasting energy heating an unoccupied room & less expenditure on water, gas & electricity

  • The BTU or Watt output of an aluminium radiator is considerably higher than an iron or steel radiator of similar dimensions.
  • Very suitable for areas of a house that are only used occasionally, e.g. an attic or conservatory.
  • Aluminium radiators are considered very environmentally friendly, not only because of the lower heating bills generated; aluminium is comparatively cheap & easy to recycle, many of the aluminium radiators on the market today are manufactured from recycled aluminium; once aluminium radiators have served their purpose, they can easily be melted down & recycled.

Horizontal (580mm High) Section;

  • 580mm X 80mm Width X 98mm Depth
  • Output At Δ60°C=0.149kW
  • Output At Δ50°C=0.121kW
  • Output At Δ40°C=0.088kW
  • Each Complete Radiator(4-20 Sections) Comes Complete With An Aluminium Radiator Mounting Kit

Vertical (1800mm High) Section;

  • 1800mm X 80mm Width X 94mm Depth
  • Output At Δ60°C=0.372kW
  • Output At Δ50°C=0.295kW
  • Output At Δ40°C=0.222kW
  • Each Complete Radiator(5-10 Sections) Comes Complete With An Aluminium Radiator Mounting Kit


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