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Plain multilayer alupex pipe coils for heating & domestic use.

Consisting of a double inner & outer layer of crosslinked polyethylene PE-xB (Silane Method - B) which is bound by a special adhesive to a longitudinally welded (TIG Butt Welded) intermediate aluminium alloy layer.

  • Highly Shapeable The Pipe Provides A Complete Barrier To Oxygen & Ensures Total Hygiene & High Corrosion Resistance As Fluids Only Come In Contact With The Inner PE-xB Layer
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 95°C
  • Maximum Peak Temperature: 110°C
  • Max Pressure @ 95°C: 10 bar
  • Thermal Conductivity @ 20°C: 0.43 W/mK
  • Oxygen Permeability: 0 mg/l
  • Roughness: 7 μm
  • DVGW & KIWA Certified

Available pipe diameters;

16mm (100m Coil)
16mm (200m Coil)
16mm (500m Coil)
16mm (4m Length)
20mm (4m Length)
26mm (4m Length)
32mm (4m Length)

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