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Joule Evacuated Tube Solar System, a unique tube design ensures a very high zero-loss collector efficiency figure of 85% based on the absorber. The unique method of fixing the tubes into the collector results in a significantly lower heat loss coefficient of 1.529w/m²K. The collectors easy to install frame ensures that the collector is securely fixed and mounted onto the roof every time.


Available in 30, 40, 50 & 60 tube kits, which each include;

  • Joule Solar Tube Collector & Mounting Brackets
  • Joule Solar Evacuated Tubes 30-60
  • M8 Solar Roof Bolts (200mm)
  • 2 Solar Roof Entry Flashing Gasket Slates
  • Solar Fitting DN16 Back Nuts & Circlip Washers (3/4")
  • Joule Resol Deltasol Solar Controller
  • Joule Solar Pumping Station
  • White Solar Pressure Vessel DS 18 Litre
  • Bracket For Vesse
  • Flexi Vessel Hose 3/4"
  • Solar Glycol
  • 3/4" Mixing Valve
  • Flexi Tales (800mm)

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